About McTucky Fried High


McTucky Fried High is a cartoon series deep fried with love just for you and your hunger for LGBTQ  media. With our diverse assortment of characters, we tackle subjects absent in mainstream cartoons like coming out, gender identity and expression, bullying, race, religion, feminism and more. Our team of LGBTQ folks and allies infuse each episode with satire so it’s tasty going down, easy to digest, and empowers you to take action in our community. 

About Robin Carnilius - McTucky Creator, Illustrator

Growing up I consumed a lot of media - cartoons, comics, movies and video games. It sparked the storyteller’s flame in me and I carry that fiery passion in every medium I work in, from writing and illustration to graphic design and filmmaking. As a gender non-conforming storyteller of color, I work to create inclusive media that’s entertaining, educational, and empowering.

Pronouns: They + He
Fun facts: I'm a vegan, I love video games, and I'm a Hufflepuff.